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Meet Our Sponsors!


Meet Our Sponsors!

Castle Point Rocketry is grateful to call a few key corporations our friends. Over the summer, we began reaching out for funding and mentorship. We would like to take a minute to personally thank our committed sponsors!

A&P Technology is supporting us through composites engineering. Among other applications, they work with giants such as GE to create light-weight, high-tensile, flight-appropriate materials. They’ve agreed to work with us on creating a well-developed fuselage!

The Aerojet Rocketdyne Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Aerojet Rocketdyne, a renowned rocket, missile, and probe designer. They have provided valuable feedback and are helping us achieve our fundraising goal!

We need some odd-ball valves, and Gosco Valves has the know-how! We’re grateful for their support and their history of good rapport with aeronautics research agencies!

L3 Technologies specializes in communications and reconnaissance systems. They’ve pledge a generous gift to develop our telemetry and avionics systems. Thanks to them, we’re on track to know how high our rocket goes!

Micro is a leader in metal injection molding and specialized, precision tubing fabrication. Not only are they supporting us financially, but they are assisting us with fabrication.

Northrop Grumman is well-known for their aerospace applications, including the Apollo Lunar Module. Upper-level management has reached out to us, and we are encouraged by their support!

Triton Space Technologies specializes in high-performance valves and aerospace propulsion. They are aiding us in creating custom cryogenic valves for our rocket, and we couldn’t be more grateful!

Don’t forget to check the Sponsors portion of our website for regular updates on all of our sponsors. Who knows… maybe with the launch of our crowdfunding campaign on Monday 15 October, we’ll see your name there, too!