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Sending a Signal Over 3000 Feet


Sending a Signal Over 3000 Feet

When determining where to launch, there were many regulations which we had to abide by. One of the challenges we faced was that the launch command could not be sent over a wireless connect. Instead, it would have to be sent over a physical connection for security purposes. Additionally, the mission control center had to be located 3000 feet away from the launch site. Our goal was to find a way to send a signal over a physical connection at a distance of 3000 feet.

I incorrectly surmised that I could send the connection over Ethernet. Upon further study, I found out that Ethernet cables have a maximum distance of 250 feet. I then concluded that the solution would be to get a repeater. This would total about 12 repeaters needed throughout the process, all of which would need to be hooked up to a power source. This is not practical for the goals we have set in place.

I then researched and looked into fiber optic cables. I could convert a signal from Ethernet -> fiber optic -> Ethernet. The fiber optic cable could send enough bandwidth over a distance of 3000 feet to satisfy pre-launch communication. After determining the exact type of fiber optic cable needed and the type of connection that would satisfy the signal converters, we directed our attention towards our future purchase. We are currently in communication with L-com and we hope that they will be able to supply the needed materials.