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Designing a Circuit Board

Designing a Circuit Board

Over the past few weeks, we have been developing our first version of our Printed Circuit Board (PCB). We chose to use Eagle, a PCB Design Software, as it had an easy learning curve as well as an easily attainable educational license. In Eagle, we had to first design and import all the different electronic components that were going to be used into the rocket. We then had to figure out the correct electrical requirements for each component and how to link up each one correctly to the entire system.

The next step was to design the PCB layout itself. We started off with a circular design so it would fit into the rocket base. We then traced the connections so that they didn’t interfere with each other or cross each other. The blue and red lines below show different “levels” of connection. The red traces are the top copper connections, while the blue traces are the bottom copper connections.

We’ve spent a lot of time on it so far, but this is still only our initial design. It still needs to go under testing and multiple iterations to be ready for launch day.