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Senior Design

Senior Design

Thursdays are a great reminder that this project is rooted in Stevens Senior Design.

Thursday mornings, the team gathers at 11:00am in TG-404-I. “Technogenesis” teaches business aspects co-curricular to the graduating class’s engineering projects. The professor, Sandra Clavijo, leads discussions ranging from market share development to pitch delivery.

Then, we retreat into our cave at CPR HQ to work for hours straight on the most challenging segments of the rocket. Typically.

Once every couple of weeks, we take an hour or two from our Thursday schedules to meet with our Technical Advisory Group (TAG). The day-to-day attendance changes, but TAG members include Stevens professors, industry professionals, and esteemed researchers. Yesterday was one such day.

The CPR team presenting to three members of the TAG. From right to left: Dr. Kishore Pochiraju, Dr. Biruk Gebre, Dr. Kevin Connington. Not pictured: Dr. Alex De Rosa, Dr. Ronald Besser.

As an added bonus, yesterday’s TAG meeting doubled as our team’s satisfaction of the Mechanical Engineering “Phase Four” report. Phase Four requires information on alpha prototyping and a testing plan for the integrated system.

The eight members of the team presented 26 slides to the TAG, followed by a period of questions and discussion on various subsystems designs. Most important were the progress made on the circuitry systems and the prototyping being done by our partner companies.

The TAG seemed pleased, which makes us happy, too. Actionable items included sourcing more wire rope for our static fire test and running another heat flow simulation on our injector/engine assembly.