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techdrawer visits CPR’s lab!

techdrawer visits CPR’s lab!

A few months back, the team received an e-mail from Stevens’ very own YouTuber ‘techdrawer.’ Their interest in the team’s motivation, conception, and progress was contagious, so we invited them over to our lab for an interview.

Due to timing difficulties and postponed deliveries, that invitation finally came to fruition this past weekend.

Members of both teams, CPR and techdrawer, pose for a picture after filming.

Around noon, we descended on Stevens’ Griffith Building, where Castle Point Rocketry has built many of the components of our rocket. While techdrawer got set up — lights, cameras, the works — members of CPR finished up with a few pet projects. Nathan worked on building our test stand. Ben kept coding the flight computer. Dakota did more simulations on the injector.

When techdrawer was ready to go, we sat down to talk.

A behind-the-scenes shot of Sergio, the face behind techdrawer. The final interview will be available on their YouTube channel.

With the exception of a long lunch, CPR was on camera for most of the afternoon. In the official interview portion, Nathan, Ben, and Dakota answered Sergio’s questions to the best of their abilities. After, techdrawer went mobile for a tour of our lab. Among other things, Monica went over the logistics of our fuel tank and Thomas went into further detail on our engine.

By the time 6:00pm rolled around, we ran low on new topics. (techdrawer was also running out of storage space!) We called it a day, and techdrawer went home to splice together a video! CPR stayed behind to build a launch stand…

Keep your eyes on techdrawer’s channel and CPR’s Facebook page for the finished product!