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techdrawer interview released!


techdrawer interview released!

You may remember that, a few weeks back, the YouTuber ‘techdrawer‘ paid us a visit. We spent the better part of an afternoon in front of the camera for an interview, followed by a quick tour of the lab. Over the past few weeks, all of the raw footage has been whittled down into a coherent interview.

On the morning of 19 April, techdrawer dropped the finished video!

The finished video — all 16 minutes of it!

Sergio, the face of techdrawer, did a great job of leading the team in an informative discussion about or project. Topics covered include our motivation, what we hope comes of the project, and brief explorations of the science behind it all.

We hope you learn a little something about our team over the course of the video. If you do, don’t forget to give it a like! With your help, two Stevens student groups (techdrawer and Castle Point Rocketry) will benefit!