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CPR Ties for First Place!

CPR Ties for First Place!

You may recall Technogenesis. Colloquially called “TG,” it’s the entrepreneurship analog course to Senior Design. TG is designed to teach every team the metrics of making a business out of our projects. Most importantly, it teaches everyone the impact of a good pitch.

The culmination of the Stevens Innovation Expo is the elevator pitch competition — recently rebranded as the Ansary Entrepreneurship Competition. Ten teams compete for $17,500 in prize money. And we tied for first!

The team with our comically large check. We tied for first place!

The Ansary Entrepreneurship Competition is the final round in a series of judged pitches. The quarterfinals are a combination of two votes. First, all teams present in class to a panel of TG professors. Then, the public votes on each team’s pitch video on YouTube.

Castle Point Rocketry’s official TG video.

Castle Point Rocketry passed the quarterfinals on the public vote. Two weeks later, we also passed the semifinals, which left us with about a week to prepare for the Ansary Entrepreneurship Competition. Faris, our resident Pitch Master, worked overtime to make sure the pitch was the best it could be.

We were pretty happy with how he sounded — and apparently the judges were, too! The rest of the team joined Faris on stage after his pitch to answer any questions, of which there were only two. After the other nine teams pitched, they announced the co-winners: LifeSkills Software and Castle Point Rocketry! Castle Point Rocketry also won the “Audience Choice” award.

Our teams are are splitting the $15,000 reserved for the first- and second place teams. (They weren’t expecting a tie!) Castle Point Rocketry’s $7,500 will cover our transportation to and from the launch site. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!