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Two Thursdays ago, we received the first full print of our engine from SLM Solutions. Naturally, we were very excited, but we needed to get the build plates removed as quickly as possible. We got in touch with NJ Precision Technologies, who amazingly were able to Wire EDM cut the parts by Friday morning.

Internal x-ray photography of our engine.

When I visited NJPT, I met Bob Tarantino, President and Founder of the company, and he showed me around their facilities, including several Mitsubishi Wire EDM machines, HAAS CNCs, and a 6-axis Zeiss CMMs. I was blown away by their manufacturing capabilities as well as how friendly and interested in our project they were. And, they referenced us to another company, G. Cotter, to perform a couple welds on the nozzle to repair surface discontinuities.

At G. Cotter, just a couple miles from NJPT, before welding, they offered to x-ray our nozzle (above), which was a very pleasant surprise. They confirmed that the surface issues were not a structural problem. Plus, we get a view of the print’s regenerative cooling tubes! They then performed some of the most excellent welds I’ve seen (below). Now all that is left for a completed engine is heat treatment. Nonetheless, she looks absolutely stunning.

Finally, a fully-printed model of our engine.