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New Lab Space


New Lab Space

For the last year, Castle Point Rocketry has practically worked out of whatever space is available. When we first drafted our Initial Proposal in May 2018, we practically lived out of a design loft for three days straight. As the reports got longer, parts started coming in, and a rocket took shape, though, we needed more sophisticated options.

Until a few weeks ago, our working situation was fairly spread out. Half of our time was spent in a windowless, cubbyhole office on the fourth floor of the Edwin A. Stevens building, barely big enough for the eight of us. The other half was spent on the design floor of the Griffith Building, the closest Stevens had to a fully-functional maker space. (And also home to Physical Plant.) Then, we got news that they were remodeling Griffith — starting with where we did the most of our rocket construction.

A new concrete lab being constructed where our clean room once was.

In a frenzied two days, all hands were on deck to rearrange our materials, our work, and our lives. Our EAS cache was moved down to Griffith, then everything was moved to fit in one of two places: Our parking lot shipping container or our new work space. Moving everything from the Griffith design floor to the smaller room in back was… more time-consuming than you may think.

Our new workspace, in the back of the Griffith Building.

The new space we occupy is just big enough for out needs. It’s also slated for renovation — luckily after we finish, though. In the picture above, you can see our whole layout. We have an 8-person table, access to the outdoors (!), a corridor for electronics, and our clean room. Inside the clean room, you can see the outline of our rocket taking shape.

In addition to our team, Stevens Solar Splash got displaced. Our teams share this new space, so there are times when we have thirteen bodies, a rocket, and a boat all crammed into this room. It’s a tight fit, but we make it work — amicably, too!

Our new lab certainly has its perks.

Out back of our new lab, we have a stunning NYC skyline layered behind more concrete lab material. This breathtaking backdrop has served as motivation and invitation, both. Looking up from a challenging design problem to see the city is certainly refreshing! Additionally, we have had the pleasure of hosting many stakeholders (administration and sponsors alike) in our new space. Most recently, Castle Point Rocketry has welcomed President Nariman Farvardin, Dean Jean Zu, Laura Overdeck, and Chris Daggett for a quick tour.