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Igniter Test #2

Igniter Test #2

Late last week, Castle Point Rocketry ran a successful test of our new igniter design. It is a variation on a theme (see our previous blog). This new model allows for better manufacturability and repeated use, but doesn’t sacrifice the engine-within-an-enigne design we wanted.

Many individual design components have changed over the last month. The fire now shoots down instead of up. There is a bored hole at the bottom so that the igniter can be removed from the engine quickly. We filed the top to a point so it fits into the engine more easily. Beyond that, it’s very much the same part.

As you can see, we had a small meltdown problem, consistent with the last test. It’s a good thing that 3D-printed plastic parts are as printable as they are disposable!

Tom designed a gravity-driven system to quickly remove the igniter from the engine. By topping a vertical pole with the igniter, we can easily drop the assembly from the engine after ignition.

Our prototype igniter stand.

Now, we begin the process of moving forward. Our current goal is to outsource manufacturing to a local New Jersey company capable of machining it out of aluminum. That way it’s quick, close by, and made in the USA!

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