Dry Run Test #2 (Teaser)

Dry Run Test #2 (Teaser)

It’s June 14th! You’ve caught us mid-test! So, let’s break these last few days down…

4,000 square feet of grass. 2,000 feet of fiber optic cable. 1,200 feet of Caution tape. 770 cubic feet of U-Haul space. 120-volt generator. 30 feet of truss.

10 seconds from the heart of campus. 9 o’clock start time. 8 team advisors. 7 valves. 6 visitors and counting. 5 walkie-talkies. 4 days. 3 structures. 2 tests. 1 fake rocket.

Keep an eye on our Instagram (@cprocketry), Facebook, and blog to see how it goes!


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