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Projected Testing Schedule

Projected Testing Schedule

Assuming the final pieces fall into place (a chemical delivery here, rocket fuel there), we will begin our testing procedure soon. We’ve laid out an explanation, but now… Here’s a timeline. Be sure to also check our Facebook page every once in a while for any updates!

Day Three:

Castle Point Rocketry is expecting a delivery of pressurized gas and cryogenic liquids on the morning of Friday, July 12. Once those come through, we will begin pressure testing the subassemblies of pipes and fittings. We have already begun removing small subsections from the full stack in preparation for this.

We have also pulled the liquid oxygen (LOX) composite overwrapped pressure vessel (COPV) from the air frame. In the afternoon, we will have the time to move on to our first official test, TT.01: COPV Cryogen Validation.

Though we are not rushing, we also look forward to having enough time to complete TT.02: COPV LOX Compatibility Validation today.

Day Four:

Following closely on its heels, we are waking up early Saturday morning for more testing.

TT.03: COPV Pressurized LOX Validation will start first, right after we drive to purchase our surrogate rocket fuel from a nearby airport.

That afternoon, we will finish FST.01: Full Stack Pressurization Test.

Day Five:

Sunday will be a long day. We have scheduled both FST.02: Cold Flow Test and FST.03: Ignition Sequence Test, when we first load the fuel tank with actual fuel.

Day Six:

Monday morning, we’ll be up early again to test FST.04: Hot Abort Test. Assuming it goes well, that afternoon will see our first full launch setup with FST.05: Full Stack Hot Fire Test.

Day Seven:

We have reserved some time on Tuesday for a second hot fire test, in case we need it. It also serves as a good spill-over time for any tests which take longer than expected, or a rain date for any other tests.

And then we drive home!