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The Faces of Castle Point Rocketry

The Faces of Castle Point Rocketry

It’s high time we re-introduce everyone who makes up this team. After all, once we test this thing and get our big media break, you’ll want to know who we all are.

Team Members

A core group of eight have been with this project since the beginning. We have four Mechanical Engineers (ME), two Chemical Engineers (CHE), one Computer Engineer (CPE), and one Computer Scientist (CS). Pictures and short blurbs below.

Abe is our Aerodynamic Design and Mathematics Specialist. He helped solve the regenerative heating problem and worked with Tom and Will on many manufacturing tasks.

Tom also specializes in computer-aided design (CAD). He spent innunerable hours modeling an injector to Monica’s and Dakota’s specifications before tackling other projects.

Faris, working on Electronics, Signals, and Avionics, was integral to designing the team’s circuit boards and developing how those systems fit into the rocket.

Unfortunately, Abe, Tom, and Faris are unable to join the other members of the team for testing. However, we are still very proud to call them members of the Castle Point Rocketry team — we couldn’t have done it without them!

Ben is Lead Programmer, meaning he has literally written the code for our testing procedure. Recently, Ben has also branched out to become our resident electronic hardware expert.

Will is formally the Machining Specialist, but he has extensive knowledge of (and a quippy remark for) for nearly every facet of the project. He also played a large role in designing the plumbing system.

Nathan is the true Renaissance Man of the group. As Team Lead, it’s his job to ensure every subsystem is stitched together — on top of serving as Point of Contact for purchasing and inquiries.

Monica and Dakota, Propulsion Specialists, collaborate to fill our propulsion and PR needs.

Monica, who is also our Safety Officer, designed our plumbing system with Will and Dakota, manages our social media presence, and interfaces with many of our top donors. Dakota mainly focused on the engine, but he also manages the project’s blogs and attends to the tasks that fall in the ever-present gray areas.

Ben, Will, Nathan, Monica, and Dakota are all on site for this week’s testing procedures.

Team Volunteers

As you may have noticed around campus and online, Castle Point Rocketry has put out a call for volunteers. Two excited Stevens students have come to our aid, and we are very grateful!

Rodrigo is a graduate student in ME who joined us in early February. His extensive background in fabrication and manufacturing have come in handy many a late night.

Dan, a rising junior in CPE, joined us at the beginning of the summer. He has been a great help to Ben in preparing our electronic systems for integration and testing.

Rodrigo is on site for this week’s testing procedure, and Dan may be coming down over the weekend.

Industry Advisors

We are also lucky to have had the input of two professional aerospace engineers. Rich Kelly from Valcor Engineering and Luke Colby from Triton Space Technologies have thankfully withstood a barrage of phone calls and emails from the team.

Luke (back row, middle) and Rich (back row, second from right) visiting the team in Hoboken.

Rich and Luke are both on site for this week’s testing procedures.