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New Starts


New Starts


We realize that it’s been a long time since we’ve updated you with a detailed blog. If you were following our posts at the end of 2019, then you already know we were strategizing how best to reach a launch while also engaging new senior design groups at Stevens. But as you’re no doubt aware, this year has brought with it more roadblocks than expected. 

To recap our post from October 17th, 2019, the path towards a launch became blocked for the near future when we encountered an issue with a critical part during our testing window. Simultaneously, we were running out of time as undergraduate students but refused to leave our mission unfulfilled.

The CPR Team after a week of testing.

Moving forward as graduate students, post-graduates, and full-time adults, the remainder of our team decided that the most effective way to continue developing our technology was to re-form. Castle Point Rocketry team members founded Hudson Space Systems, a company dedicated to providing accessible, affordable opportunities to innovation and experimentation in space.

Updates to CPR

We haven’t given up on our goal of developing a low-cost, rapidly buildable liquid-fueled rocket capable of reaching the Karman Line. Hudson Space Systems wants to keep inspiring and working with Stevens senior design groups, engaging them in challenging aerospace projects. Thus, the “Castle Point Rocketry” name and brand will remain an overarching umbrella term for these projects. CPR media will remain a resource for those groups to communicate their progress. 

The 2019-2020 academic year was convoluted for the spin-off senior design teams. The emerging COVID-19 pandemic strained our three teams (Ignitor Design, Ground Control, and Flight Computer). They strove to produce viable results, but only two made it to the alpha prototype stage. We applaud them for their understanding, tenacity, and resilience.

Introducing Hudson Space Systems!

As with most startups, the first couple of months have been rocky. Hudson Space Systems has been working tirelessly to build our business strategy while addressing many concerns. How do we raise equity financing, develop our technology, and interface with the post-COVID-19 market while respecting our origins and mission? After much uncertainty, we are happy to announce we have created an action plan and are moving forward with our venture.

HSS anticipates the day that we can revitalize Castle Point Rocketry senior design teams, though we are unsure of the exact road ahead given the format of the 2020-2021 academic year. Updates to this blog page will be published when possible to provide news about the CPR mission and brand.

Thank You

Thank you for your support of CPR. Without your excitement and engagement, our new venture would not have been possible. We remain extremely grateful to the individuals and companies who understood our vision and supported us along the way. To our donors who gave through the Stevens Office of Development and Alumni Engagement or our EverydayHero campaign: All donor gifts that were promised by CPR will be honored by HSS.

You can follow these links to access the Hudson Space Systems website, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages, for more news as it comes. We are also active on Instagram and Twitter.

Finally, we know that 2020 has brought many unexpected challenges to everyone’s home, work, and social lives. HSS and CPR hope that throughout it all, you and yours have stayed safe, healthy, and productive.

-The HSS Team