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The most affordable rocket to ever reach space.

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SMRt Launch Platform

The ultimate goal in collegiate rocketry is to develop an affordable ground-launched platform capable of surpassing the Karman Line (an altitude of 100 km). With recent advances in rocket propulsion, flight-ready electronics, additive manufacturing, and lightweight composites, it has become possible to design and construct such a rocket. SMRt will incorporate all of these advances into a cost-optimized modular platform.

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SMRt Launch Platform


That’s the pricetag on our rocket. But we have help reaching that.


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Are you a member of the aerospace industry? An experienced academic? A passionate rocketry enthusiast? Join our team and help us reach the Karman line!

The team is looking for sponsors and mentors that are willing to join us on our one year mission. Donations, parts contributions, advice, or coffee. We’re excited about any help you want to give!

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